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TO BECOME IRREPLACIBLE ONE MUST BE UNIQUE. We aim to be unique by researching the new cat-walk trends. our designers travel all over the world to understand the street fashion and encorporate their finding in the designs to create best sellers. Buyers can select from our vast range of designs or give us the design brief so that we can design a capsule range. Alternatively buyers can send their design sheets so that we can make the samples for them in our sampling rooms in India, Bangladesh and China.


Our QC teams will check all the trims including buttons, zips, rivets, any other trims that are used in that particular orders. inspect the fabrics to make sure that the bulk fabric matches the colour and the desired quality before we let the factories to go into bulk production. Additioanlly our QC's do Initial, mid and final inspections to make sure the products are produced to desired standards.

we also offer 3rd party inspections inspection services.


Twill London is a global fashion sourcing company based in the UK with the offices in India and Bangladesh. We also work with extensive network of factories in Pakistan, China and Romania.  Our Complete operational model starts with the design, souring the right factories to produce, account management, quality control, compliance, and delivery services.

we find the ideal solutions and factories sharing our commitment to quality, compliance and sustainability principles.

We offer a professional approach to the whole process our pro-active team members always look out for better designs at competitive prices. We have volumes of experience in working with high street, online retailers and department stores all over the world. We work with a network of factories both big and small with a production capacity of under 2 million pieces per month.  Our MOQ's start from 300 pieces per style per colour. however for start up brands we can offer them even lower minimums of 50 pieces per style. 


Once the designs are selected and orders are placed with us, we select the best factory from our extensive network of factories that is capable to produce that particular style. Our local teams will make sure to meet the factories face-to-face and explain the SOP's, design and quality requirements just so there is no confusion. Our teams will make manage the production locally to avoid any last minute quality and delivery issues.

Our factories are based in India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Romania.


From the moment the cargo has left from the factory and to the point of delivery worldwide we cover global logistics and end-to-end supply chain process to get the goods to our customer/buyers ontime everytime. We can deliver the goods by AIR, by SEA, By Road from Indian Sub continent, Asia, Far-east and Europe. We can take care of all required documentation to get the goods to you as promised


Head offices in Manchester, UK with country offices in India and Bangladesh. We also world with sourcing teams in China and Pakistan and cover wide range of products.

contact us for more info.

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